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Tel: +2646 257 1769
Address: Getaway Kalahari Safari,
Louis Botha Game Ranch,
Gobabis, Namibia


Kalahari Safari | Prestige Trophy Hunting and Accommodation in Namibia
There is no better place to Hunt than in the Kalahari Desert, stay in our lodge in Namibia for 7 days while we take you on a hunting trip you will never forget.

Kalahari Safari | About our Hunting Lodge
Find out a little more about our Prestige Trophy Hunting lodge situated in the heart of Namibia.

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Our Rates for the accommodation and the cost to hunt at our Safari Game Lodge in the Kalahari, Namibia.

Kalahari Safari | Our Special Hunting Packages
At Kalahari Safari we offer 3 different hunting trip packages to cater for your hunting expectations, view the game available to hunt here.

Kalahari Safari | Spa and Accommodation
Come and stay at our relaxing accommodation in the Kalahari while getting a nice massage or soaking in our outdoor jacuzzi.

Kalahari Safari | References and Testimonials
View our guest feedback and testimonials from visitors who have stayed with us here at Kalahari Safari.

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Have a look at the pictures of our accommodation and relaxed environment. Enjoy your stay in Namibia.

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Make a booking with us today at Kalahari Safari Prestige Trophy Hunting Lodge, accommodation that will no doubt leave you feeling relaxed.